Protecting Site-Finished Floors

No matter how skilled your crew is or how careful they are, accidents happen on jobsites. That’s why you use surface protection, right? But what do you use to protect new site-finished floors, freshly grouted tile or concrete that’s still curing? Typical surface protection products won’t work. Thin products like rosin paper don’t offer impact protection for a […]

Tape, Adhesives and Floor Protection

Tapes and adhesives are useful products but sometime’s they work a little too well. Using the wrong kind of adhesives or poor quality tapes can lead to all sorts of problems on any project. An alternative to adhesive floor protectors One of the biggest issues with adhesive-backed floor protection is that it can leave behind a sticky, gummy […]

Surface Protection – It’s not just for floors

Protecting flooring is a challenge that anyone in construction or remodeling is familiar with. Even service technicians, plumbers, electricians and restoration specialists should be using something to protect floors when they’re on a service call. But it’s often just as important – or even more important – to protect a client’s cabinetry, built-ins and other […]

Protecting Jobsite Stairs

Protecting jobsite stairs is a common dilemma in remodeling or construction. Most methods are dangerous, possibly damaging, provide little real protection, or are incredibly time consuming — or all four. However, our products provide a fast, simple solution that can safely protect your stairs during the length of the project. Basic stair protection with Clean&Safe®, Clean&Safe®Pro […]

Surface Protection Basics

Our surface protection products provide excellent protection, but if they’re not used correctly they may not perform as well as they could. Here are a few tips at how to get the most out of your drop cloth! Avoid the slip-n-slide Clean&Safe® isn’t adhesive backed; instead, the plastic backing provides grip when pressure is applied. If the […]