Why should I use Clean&Safe®, Clean&Safe®Pro or SurfacePro® instead of canvas drop cloths, rosin paper or plastic drop cloths?

Our surface protection products offer a combination of benefits not found with other products. Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe®Pro are leak-proof. The skid-resistance of our products provides jobsite safety. They are absorbent and lightweight and can be used to protect any type of flooring or any surface including stairs, cabinetry, countertops and more. They are reusable, making them economical and eco-friendly.

Should I use Clean&Safe®, Clean&Safe®Pro or SurfacePro®?

Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe®Pro are great multi-purpose leak-proof drop cloths for surfaces that do not need to dry or cure. Clean&Safe®Pro can also be easily broom cleaned or vacuumed. To protect new, site-finished hardwood floors or newly installed tile, stone or concrete floors that need time to cure you should use SurfacePro®, our breathable surface protection.

How can I increase my profit by using Clean&Safe®, Clean&Safe®Pro or SurfacePro®?

Less Prep Work = Lower Labor Costs
– Our products are lightweight, flexible and reverse wound so they’re quick and easy to roll out. No taping is required and it’s easy to adjust.
Skid-Resistant Backing = Fewer Accidents = Lower Workman’s Comp Expenses
– The skid-resistant backing helps prevent accidental falls, while protecting the surface from damage from ladders and tools.
Absorbent Top Layer + Leak-Proof Backing = Easy Clean-up = Fewer Repair Costs
– Accidents happen. Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe®Pro provide excellent protection from spills. SurfacePro® is not leak-proof, but its extra-thick layer of fabric allows time for immediate clean-up.
Reusable = Lower Supply Costs
– Our surface protection products can be used over and over, depending on the job and your preferences. You can leave the drop cloths behind after a job for your customers to use. When they’re near the end of their life, use them for messy jobs like demo work.

How long can I leave Clean&Safe®, Clean&Safe®Pro and SurfacePro® down?

Our drop cloths can be used safely on all surfaces for the duration of the job. Since they do not require taping and are non-adhesive, there is no concern over residue transfer. If the floor needs to dry or cure, SurfacePro® breathable surface protection can be used.

Can I use Clean&Safe®, Clean&Safe®Pro and SurfacePro® for stair protection?

Our products’ skid-resistant backing works great on stairs! Just tuck the runner on each stair tread for quick removable protection. You can secure the runner by stapling it under the nose of each tread or secure with a small dowel and finishing nails.

Can I use Clean&Safe®, Clean&Safe®Pro and SurfacePro® for carpet protection?

For low pile carpet, use our products as you would for hard floor protection. For plush carpet, use a double layer of Clean&Safe® or Clean&Safe®Pro with their plastic sides together, leaving one layer of fibers on top for absorbency and one layer of fibers on bottom to grip the carpet.

Do I need to tape Clean&Safe®, Clean&Safe®Pro and SurfacePro® down the way I do with other products?

No! Our products lay flat and do not slip, so there is generally no need to tape them down. To cover wide areas simply overlap the product edges by 2-3 inches. If you desire, you can tape the seams with masking or painter’s tape to provide additional protection from dust or spills. When the job is complete, remove the tape and reuse the drop cloth as needed.

Can I use Clean&Safe®, Clean&Safe®Pro and SurfacePro® on surfaces other than floors?

Yes! Our products are for surface protection, not just floor protection. They protect countertops, bathtubs, cabinets, furniture, fixtures and more. They’re available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs and can easily be trimmed, folded or taped for a more custom fit.

What makes Clean&Safe®, Clean&Safe®Pro and SurfacePro® green products?

Our drop cloths are made with post-consumer recycled fibers making them excellent green alternatives to traditional protective products. And because of their high durability our products can be reused time and time again. When they finally begin to wear out or become heavily soiled, use them for demolition projects or messy jobs and then dispose of them properly.

What is the best way to get Clean&Safe®, Clean&Safe®Pro or SurfacePro® clean during or after a job?

Our products can be lightly vacuumed, rinsed off with a hose and left to dry, or simply shaken out. Clean&Safe®Pro is the easiest of our three products to clean because of its extra-dense top layer. If the skid-resistant backing on Clean&Safe® or Clean&Safe®Pro begins to lose its grip, simply rinse off or wipe the backing down with a damp rag. Only use our products on a clean, dust-free surface.